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The Dead Shall Feed is my flagship project and my first published novel, although I’m now seeking a new publisher for it. It's about a zombie outbreak caused by a revolutionary HIV vaccine, and our reluctant heroes meet a variety of characters trying to survive the chaos: eccentric scientists, yardie gangsters, hard-nosed cops, alcoholic football hooligans and bisexual prostitutes!

The first chapter is here, along with Marathonista and Kevin’s Whore. They don’t really fit the genre, but are probably too bleak to go anywhere else.



Other short stories have been published: 'One of Them' in DEADication from Panic Press, 'The World Shall Know' in the Dark Minds anthology, and 'Chasing the Sunset' in Litmus 2016 from the University of Winchester. These and many other stories can also be found in my collection Wrong 'Un, intended for a 2017 release. Also coming in 2017 is Escaping Firgo from Grimbold Books / Kristell Ink - this is enough of a genre hybrid to be previewed on the Crime, Mystery & Thriller page.

The Dead Shall Feed Sample Chapter




Kevin's Whore


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