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Crime, Mystery and Thriller

I have written a novella called Escaping Firgo, soon to be published by Grimbold Books, the opening chapter of which is below. It's about a bank robber who becomes stranded in a remote village that he can't find a way out of. If this sounds like it's influenced by The Prisoner, I have to admit it is to an extent, but it's also based on a real-life experience. Firgo is a tiny place, just one farmyard I think, on the A34. One weekend just after the millenium, me and my friends had the misfortune of breaking down there...twice. Once on the way to Newbury, and then again on the way back the following morning. Unlike my character, at least we didn't have £4million in stolen money in the boot of our car, but like him it seemed like we'd be there forever. Hiking around the Hampshire countryside trying to find a garage that's open on a Sunday must be the closest thing possible to being caught in a time warp! I revisited there for my blog last year: https://jasonwhittleblogs.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/revisiting-firgo/

Also here are the first chapters of my work in progress Looking To The Sky and 2016 release Midlife Crisis along with my award-winning flash fiction piece We Changed Our Minds.


Looking ahead, I am working on an intended 12 part crime series, the first of which is called One for the Road. Plus there are more light-hearted takes in and around the genre coming up, first with Richard Pritchard and the Distinctly Unsavoury Occurrence and later with the political comedy Passport to Portsmouth.




Looking To The Sky


Escaping Firgo


We Changed Our Minds


Midlife Crisis Buy at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Midlife-Crisis-darkly-psychological-thriller-ebook/dp/B01GQRSGH4




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