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Poetry and Music

My first two publishing credits were from poems. When I was at junior school The Penguin Eating Snorkus won a poetry competition and was included in an anthology, and in the year 2000 I managed to get Different Class Deborah, an abusive poem about an ex-girlfriend, published in the Southern Daily Echo. This, and more recent poems, can be viewed here.


Different Class Deborah


I Am


An Eye of Deepest Blue


My Boy


Make a Change


Ode to My Estranged Wife


But for the most part, every other poem I've written since 1993 has been a song, because that's when I took my inspiration from Kurt Cobain and bought my first guitar.


I formed a band with my friend Danny Miller as the singer, and we named ourselves Second Prize after the character in Trainspotting who never made it from the book into the film. To keep up the Scottish theme, we sent demos to Chemikal Underground and Poptones, but didn't receive a reply from either of them. And since it was just the two of us we couldn't really play live, so we never managed to make it big, despite the Songwriter's Guild describing me as "an excellent lyricist". I briefly joined a band called Guerilla Tapestry, but never got as far as recording or performing with them, so my musical ambitions are on hold - for now.


Some of my lyrics are shown below - I'm particularly fond of I Think I've Grown Old, which might just be the only punk rock song ever to start with the line "I got my Civil Service pension".


I Think I've Grown Old




The Kid's Got Potential






We Don't Have To Be Like Them


Social Retard


Hey Kid Get Dressed


Captain Paranoia




Losing Ticket


Baby Faced Assassin


Utopia In My Flat


Faces Melt Together




Well You Might Cry


The Girl I Used To Sit Behind At School





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