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I love sports, almost to the point of obsession. If it's a Saturday between August and May, then I'm probably at the football. If not, I'm either listening on the radio, watching Soccer Saturday, or both. I follow other sports as well, too many to list here. I collect the programmes, keep the ticket stubs, and pore over the fixture lists months in advance. I am, in short, an anorak.

So if sport is such a big part of my life, of course I will write about it, and I’m very fortunate that my observations will be featured in the Chester FC match programme throughout the 2016 – 2017 season. I have been allocated a column entitled ‘View from the South’, which describes my experiences of following my beloved Chester, and the added complications of doing so from (checks online) 235 miles away.

I am currently planning a couple of football travelogues: The FA Cup Odyssey and The 92 Club, and a taster of the latter is here in The Eleventh Man.

Also here is a short story about a non-league team that goes on an epic FA Cup run, and the first chapter of a nearly-completed novel about a boxer who is wasting his talent until he finds a new mentor who helps him turn his life around.


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